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As time passes and with constant usage, your air conditioner will need an overhaul. This doesn’t imply changing mechanical bits. Due to aging, normal service may not be enough. Thus, an overhaul is deemed necessary to prevent future water leakages and of course, to reduce the likelihood of undue repairs.

This procedure brings the air conditioner back to its optimal performance. Intense cleaning and thorough checking mean the owner won’t have any immediate concerns regarding repairs or replacements.

4 Misunderstandings of an Aircon Chemical Overhaul

As is with most appliance repairs, there are always skeptics. The skepticism regarding a chemical overhaul centers on whether or not such a process is necessary. It seems many have been led to believe that such a process can be averted and alternatives sought. Let’s dive into four misunderstandings of a chemical overhaul and how to make long-lasting service decisions.

Possible Damage to the Fan Coil

This could not be further from the truth as an aircon chemical overhaul clears dirt from the unit. This in turn removes toxicity and possible rust or corrosion from the coil. It means the fan will perform optimally. The fan coil can now freely and efficiently move cool air around.

It Can be Done Irregularly

The recommended scheduling for an aircon chemical overhaul should be biannual. This helps the unit stay dirt-free, which in turn keeps it at peak performance. This removal of dirt means components are less likely to lag, get stuck, or fail altogether.

Normal Cleaning Will Suffice

Again, a chemical cleanse keeps the air conditioner in good condition. Without a chemical overhaul, an air conditioner is likely to retain much of the dirt even after spraying with water. Thoroughly cleaning with an aircon chemical overhaul increases its lifespan.

A DIY Cleanse is Okay

Cleaning your unit yourself might seem like a worthy challenge, but it may pan out. The results might be disastrous, to say the least. For starters, there are tools required for proper cleaning, and expertise needed to spray only where necessary. Failure to know the right approaches could lead to damage.

Advantages of an Aircon Chemical Overhaul

There are several benefits of hiring an expert to perform these procedures. Check out the benefits of engaging in this procedure below.

Cleaner Air Within

Any home or office with a fully-functioning air conditioner will experience cleaner airflow. This happens after the aircon chemical overhaul clears the unit of dirt and other debris and scrap. Without such intense cleaning, the unit might emit foul smells, if it hasn’t done so already.

Extend the Lifespan of the Unit

Without a doubt, an aircon chemical overhaul will extend the unit’s lifespan. The cleaning process and removal of possible corrosion ensure parts remain in good working condition longer. Performing this overhaul should be done annually or better yet semi-annually for maximum cleaning.

Lowered Utility Bills

An underperforming air conditioner will always increase electricity bills. With a thorough cleanse your machine will save you money on electricity bills. Thus, such a procedure is justified as soon as the unit exhibits problems.

Lowered Condensation

With higher efficiency comes less condensation and less chance of excess water. This excess in liquids occurs when the unit produces too much condensation because the air con isn’t cooling enough. An aircon chemical overhaul helps reduce such condensation.

Free-Flowing Air

With a thorough cleaning, the air conditioner will provide your home or office with cleaner air. The removal of dirt from the vents and other moving components means air can flow freely. This in turn provides refreshingly cool air.

What Does Such a Procedure Involve?

Professionals need to be sought to provide a thorough and certified aircon chemical overhaul. The steps below are standard procedures for a thorough cleaning.

  1. A full disassembling of the AC unit including the appropriate individual components.
  2. Cleaning the exterior parts and components including covers and panels. Housing parts around the AC units are thoroughly cleaned out too.
  3. Drainage pipes are vacuumed and/or sprayed with chemicals.
  4. Checking the refrigerant gas and adding gas if needed to recommended levels (20 pressure points per unit)
  5. Observe how well the blower and its fan motor are operating in addition to lubricating appropriate components. This is to provide smoother operations.
  6. Circuitry inspections for any loose connections and possible safety issues moving forward.
  7. Inspecting components and checking any sources of foul smells or unusual noises.
  8. Checking for water leakages during operation and fixing such problems.

Three Indications of a Necessary Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Aircon Cooling Inadequately

The AC unit might have a clogged coil or compressor and thus the conditioner cannot provide cool air. This is a surefire sign that dirt is preventing the fan and other components from providing free-flowing air.

Water Leakage

An aircon chemical overhaul will solve most water leakage issues. Along with water leaking there might be some cost savings with an aircon chemical overhaul too.

Foul Smells

Pungent smells are the result of bacteria, mold, and other unwelcomed growth within the AC unit. A chemical cleanse helps to remove such growth. It also restores the refreshingly cool air that you are used to.

How Often Should One Undertake an Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

How frequently you should perform such a procedure depends entirely on the age of the unit. If it has been in operation for a while, it is well-advised to perform this procedure semi-annually. For newer machines, doing this every two years will suffice.

Why is an Aircon Chemical Overhaul Pricier than a Normal Clean?

The cost of this procedure is justified due to the intricate steps required for fulfillment. There are tools required, along with chemicals, as well as thorough disassembling of examination of individual components. These necessary steps and processes all help in ensuring a more efficient working air conditioner.

If there was any doubt in your mind that your office or home AC unit needed such a procedure, now you know. The handy tips above should guide you in making an informed decision. Be sure to hire only licensed and registered agents for the cleaning.


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