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Controlling your climate indoors becomes considerably more important during warmer seasons. This can be challenging if one doesn’t have an air conditioner. With an air conditioner installed at home or the office, the air is cooler and cleaner. However, there are necessary maintenance steps to ensure that your AC unit functions optimally.

These steps include spot checks for possible repairs or replacements, along with aircon gas top up among others. Such top-ups ensure the machine is at peak performance, with no lagging or inefficiencies. Having your unit working at its best means it will use less electricity, and thus lower your utility bills.

Reasons to Check and Top-up Gas

Older units tend to require more regular checks than new ones. With this comes a need to examine if the machine is also producing leaks. If the aircon gas top-up is not performed regularly, there could be other non-working components. Anytime gas leaks into water or the air, it becomes hazardous. Such dangerous situations can be avoided with regular checks and top-ups to avoid additional costs. Examining the unit also helps identify possible defects and allows advice on replacements.

Timelines for an Aircon Gas Top up

While there are no preset timelines whereby a user can identify the need for a top-up, professionals can advise. This is possible if you seek a reputable aircon servicing company. Everyday users may not have the know-how to determine when the machine needs topping up.

Incidentally, experts have compiled a list of simple steps to follow to identify if your unit needs a top-up.

  1. Lowered Performance

If your AC unit has become less efficient, consider getting an aircon gas top-up performed. Although there could be other reasons for its inefficiency, checking the gas levels and seeking professional advice are important.

  1. Not Turning On

If the machine does not turn on or lags when it comes to firing up, it could need a gas top-up immediately. Again, this is better carried out by a professional.

  1. Erratic Behavior

If the AC unit turns on and off erratically, there could be a loss in refrigerant gas. Try to top up alone if possible or find an aircon servicing company to help.

  1. Unusual Sounds

Anytime funny noises are heard from an air conditioner something is amiss. Check the gas levels before attempting to remove or replace any other parts.

  1. Smells

Foul smells or any abnormal odor might be a sign of lowered gas levels. Seek locally credited aircon servicing companies to check if gases are the problem and recommend top-ups.

Bottom Line

With a new and top-notch air conditioner, it is unlikely that a top-up is necessary. However, older units may require top-ups occasionally, albeit not regularly. The steps to any aircon gas top-up might arise due to a misbehaving unit as opposed to duration. Professionals are better placed to advise if a top-up is necessary, and perform the steps if needed.


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