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Clean and cool air is essential, particularly during warm seasons. This is made possible with a fully-functioning aircon. If the unit in your home or business begins to exhibit water leakages, there could be small issues with the aircon. Small drops of water are normal due to condensation. However, if larger drops and possibly puddles are witnessed, it could be a sign of greater problems.

There is a possibility that an aircon gas leak might be at play if large quantities of water are found on the floor. These sorts of occurrences should be taken seriously and the help of professionals sought immediately. There is a guide herein on how to check for these water leaks and determine if they are a cause for concern. Dive into the reading for more on how to determine if there is a gas leak at play too.

Aircon Water Leaking – Cause for Concern?

Daily/Normal Usage

If the unit leaks a little water most owners do not source repair personnel. When things get a tad frustrating owners call an aircon servicing company. This might be too late and the unit might need extensive repairs. Deferring this diagnostics procedure only worsens the problem. Essentially, the air conditioner will be working harder to provide the same cooling effect you’ve been used to. This leads to higher electricity bills and inefficiency in general.

Covid-19 and Its Limitations

During the pandemic, some aircon repair services were out of commission. At this time, many businesses might have run their aircon through and through, with no regular maintenance involved. Emergencies were catered to and aircon water leakage in this case would be considered an emergency. However, during normal operations, post-Covid, it is important to have air conditioners examined when water leaking occurs.

Hazards of an Aircon Water Leak

Chances are the leakage needs to be examined and fixed and if that is the case, seek a professional. Smells can further help with the aircon leak issue. If the small is sweet there is the likelihood that it is a refrigerant leaking. Below are some hazardous situations as a result of an unfixed aircon water leaking problem.

Air Conditioner Damage

With prolonged use of the unit even after spotting such issues, the compressor becomes compromised. This leads to higher electricity bills and an overworked air conditioner. The immediate response might be to perform a DIY task. While trying to fix it might seem economical it is not. There is a chance that you will cause further damage to the unit, in turn incurring additional costs in the future.

Refrigerant Coolant Leakage

Your evaporator coils contain CFCs flowing through them, which can also become toxic. This happens when they leak and enter the breathable atmosphere. The air you breathe thus becomes toxic which can cause serious health problems. With Freon and other fluorocarbons floating in the air, the following health problems might arise:

  • Migraines or severe headaches
  • Puking and nausea
  • Chemical scalding
  • Inflammation of eyes ears and possibly throat.

Whether you believe the leakage is a cause for concern or not, you should have it checked. There is a chance it could be simply condensation but it could also be linked to something toxic. Have a professional aircon service agent examine and recommend repairs accordingly.

Clarifying if an Aircon is Leaking Water or Gas

What are the surefire symptoms of an aircon leaking gas or water, and how to undertake the examination process?

Indicators of a Possible Gas Leak

  1. Chilled Evaporator

When refrigerant coolant leaks or is in inadequate amounts, the coils get colder than usual. This leads to ice buildup along the coils. This could be a sign that the leakage is gas and not water related.

  1. Dripping Liquids

As the air conditioner accumulates ice on the coils, additional condensation turns to water. This is what you might be witnessing dripping to the floor. This is another sign you might be experiencing an aircon gas leak.

  1. Warmer Air

The AC unit should be producing cold air and if there is a surge in temperatures, it could be a sign of problems. The coolant might have decreased and thus the air conditioner cannot produce chilled air.

  1. Higher than Normal Bills

When the unit is working harder to produce cold air, it overworks the compressor. This leads to a surge in your utility bills and is a surefire sign of possible gas leakage.

Tell-Tale Signs It is Gas Leakage

  1. Hissing Noises from the Aircon

If the air conditioner makes a hissing noise from any of the vents, it could be a sign of leakage. This happens when the compressor valve or the evaporator coil has been compromised. This shows added pressure on coils and parts that need to be stable. At this juncture, a professional should be sought.

  1. Unfamiliar Sweet Scents

These scents are usually emanating from gas leakage. The sweet aroma coming from the unit is not a sign of cleanliness; it is indeed the aroma of refrigerant gas.

  1. Corrosion

In humid areas, the extra moisture and heat contribute to added vapor, which in turn brings corrosion to the unit. With corroded tubes and turning color, it could be partly gas leaking. Also, other parts around the drainage system like the tray can become corroded too. This is usually a sign of aircon water leaking through.

  1. Lowered Gas Pressure

In addition to certain components contributing to a decrease in gas pressure, it could indeed be a sign of gas leakage. Have a professional diagnose the problem and avoid DIY projects.

What is Gas Leakage – Why It Needs To Be Fixed Immediately?

The gas found in air conditioners is known as Freon and comes in variations. This gas contains chlorofluorocarbons that can be deadly if emitted into breathable air. Ways to tell if you have a gas leakage have been listed above. Below are reasons one should seek professional aircon servicing immediately after noticing gas leakage.

Health Hazards

When these gases leak into the atmosphere they cause serious health issues. These problems are all related to breathing difficulties. Some users of the units might experience headaches, others get nauseated, and some experience skin inflammation. These are not minor issues and they can lead to serious complications. Seek the help of a professional aircon servicing company for such leakages. They will be able to dispose of such hazards professionally.

Environmental Hazards

When these gases are emitted into the atmosphere they further compromise the ozone layer. Additionally, any such gases finding their way into groundwater cause harm to living organisms. Those of us who depend on groundwater for watering plants or drinking can develop health complications.

Uncomfortable Zones

An AC unit is meant to provide a comfortable setting, without any aircon gas leaks or water leaks. When leakage occurs it becomes less of a comfort and more of a hassle.

High Bills

Such a compromised air conditioner will undoubtedly raise your electricity bills. These bills might not be as grand as other expenses if the problem is not fixed. Further damage could mean having to purchase new aircon which can be quite pricey.

Save costs by hiring expert aircon servicing companies to handle the problem. It will save you the costs of having to perform the fixes yourself or the worst-case scenario, which is buying a new unit.

Understandably, some clients might hesitate to fix such leaks because certain units are being phased out anyway. With newer units offering safer gases therein, there is still cause for concern as these gases can still compromise our air. It thus remains a life-saving undertaking when one calls an aircon servicing company immediately after noticing leakage.

As You Wait For a House Call

  • Shut off the air conditioner to let the ice thaw and prevent damage to the coils.
  • Mop up the aircon water leaks on the floor and elsewhere to avoid possible injury.

Why The Need to Call Experts?

Experts can handle anything from commercial and business buildings to residential high-density buildings or condominiums. The urgency is in the toxicity of the gases. Get your aircon units checked for failure problems and defects, and recommendations made. Get repairs or replacements at affordable costs and begin breathing in cold air once again.

Reasons For an Aircon Leaking

Compromised Lines

If the drain line is compromised, condensation from one end of the unit will not be expelled. Without proper cleaning, these pipes fill up with dirt. Water picked up from the tray backs up and thus the problem begins at the back of the unit.

Filthy Filters

These are usually left out of the cleaning equation until problems arise. A dirty filter means less airflow to the evaporator coil which might end up freezing. The ice thaws at some point, in large amounts, causing leakage.

Installation Problems

If the unit is still new there could be a chance it wasn’t installed properly. Shoddy work can lead to aircon water leaking especially if installed improperly on flat surfaces. Seek professionals to check if the condenser and other components were sealed or are operating properly.

Lowered Refrigerant Levels

Such levels can cause the unit to develop loud noises, along with emitting higher temperatures. As these levels drop the unit cannot produce the required cool temperatures. There will be less condensation and aircon water leaking will begin or continue.

Poor Maintenance

This is a surefire reason for aircon water leaking and another reason to call for help. If the unit has not had proper cleaning or an overhaul recently, it might be overdue for one.

Air Leakage

This occurs when air sifting through the unit fails to proceed via the ventilation, and instead, condensation occurs. A reason for this leakage can be improper sealing.

Condenser Coil Leaking

If the condenser, motor, and compressor are compromised, all the leakages above could occur. The unit holding these components is housed externally and thus picks up debris, slime, and all manner of clogging. These can be responsible for compromising parts and causing aircon water to leak.

Pump Failure

If the pump is compromised due to debris or malfunctioning parts, seek professionals to diagnose the problem. Examine if the power supply to the pump is loose or ineffective before seeking help.

Freezing Coils

When evaporator coils freeze due to inadequate airflow, there will be aircon water leaking. Additionally, the issue of frozen coils can be due to the leakage of coolants, creating a buildup of ice on the coils.

Compromised Drain Pan

If the drain pan is damaged or is overflowing there will be extra water and leakage. Once the pan develops rust it develops cracks which can also cause aircon water leakages.

Extreme Temperatures 

When temperatures reach extreme lows, there is extra condensation. This will eventually thaw and with added ice, there will be additional water.

DIY Aircon Leaking Fixes

  • Shut down the unit and unplug it from the power source.
  • Remove the AC unit’s cover and examine the ventilation. If there is buildup, cool air might be moving to other areas.
  • Examine the unit for proper sealing around vents and other cooling components.
  • Check for grime and debris buildup on the condenser and pan.

Dirt Cleanup

  • Scrape off dirt and grime using a wire brush.
  • Utilize a cleaning soluble to remove excess dirt.
  • Dry the air conditioner to eliminate moisture for good.
  • After reassembling the unit, run performance checks.

Steps to Checking Causes of Aircon Leaking Water

Identify Spots

If the aircon water leaking is happening from the back, it might be a piping issue. If however, it is emanating from the front end of the unit, it is likely to be from interior parts. Check whether puddles have accumulated to identify the cause of leakage.

Filter Blockage

Check to see if the filter is clogged with creatures or debris. This can cause failure in proper airflow and thus more condensation. The added condensation falls to the ground in puddles.

Drainage Tray

This will be housed together with the water handler and can be examined using a flashlight. Damage to the pan occurs due to rust. If there are cracks, they could be the cause of the leakage.

Lower Coolant Levels

Check to see if the refrigerant coolant is at recommended levels. Not enough coolant means warm air is not cooled enough. Additional ice on coils turns to melted ice and water.

Low levels of refrigerant could mean several things including an aircon gas leak. Call an aircon servicing company for immediate consultation and fixes.

Are We in The Wintery Season?

Is it cold outside and you would like to have the unit turned on? With temperatures hitting extreme lows, it might lead to the coils getting frozen. As mentioned earlier it leads to freezing and accumulation of ice which eventually turns to water. Excess water or puddles on the ground warrant a total shutting down of the system. Call your aircon servicing company for emergency responses.


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