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Chill out with the best air conditioning services available. Having a new-age air conditioner is one thing while keeping it well-maintained is quite another. With warmer seasons at play, it is increasingly harder to survive without an AC. This could be a new model or something from decades ago. Either way, these units need proper maintenance to maintain their lifespan. Seek the help of local professionals to diagnose any AC-related issues and offer the appropriate repair and replacement options.

5 Hints that You Need Aircon Repair or Replacement

There are surefire signs that you need to repair your air conditioner or indeed require a new one. Regular aircon servicing reduces the need for replacements and repairs too. Sometimes it is harder to diagnose repairs on a unit, which is why having professionals perform regular maintenance is important.

Dirt Accumulation

If there is plenty of dirt on the external part of the air conditioner, i.e. the unit that is outside the building, you might need repairs. Although an aircon repair may not be imminent, it is likely to come up later.

Warm Temperatures

If the unit is emitting warmer or less cool air it might be time for a checkup. Anytime the AC unit is not performing optimally, it is a surefire sign that aircon repair needs to be performed. This is however not a difficult task for professional aircon servicing companies.

A Rise in Utility Bill

When electricity bills begin skyrocketing it might be time to consider an aircon repair service. Faulty parts and other malfunctions cause the unit to perform inadequately. This means the machine will work harder and need more electricity.

Irregular Shutoffs

Any appliance large or small, home or office related has issues if it shuts down intermittently. Be sure to have a specialist check for cabling and other circuitry issues.

Foul Smells

As an air conditioner develops leakage problems or holds dead creatures, there will be foul smells. Whatever is causing the unpleasant smells needs to be fixed before clients or family begins leaving the premises.

Being aware of the issues that signify you might need an aircon repair is important. It helps you decide if a repair or replacement of parts or the entire unit will be necessary.

Aircon Repair Symptoms

Certain indicators will lead you in the right direction as far as repairs are concerned. While the owner of the unit may simply need an aircon gas top, there may be instances whereby additional measures are needed. These other steps might involve a thorough aircon chemical overhaul. Learning to identify these aircon repair symptoms can save you resources in the future.

Aircon Emitting Warmer Air

If the air conditioner is producing less cold air, it might be a sign that you need aircon repair. This happens due to damaged or compromised compressors. Once this is malfunctioning, the capacitor will undoubtedly be compromised too. This is a surefire sign that you need repairs.

Leaking Gas

Foul smells, hissing noises, and other such unpleasant circumstances signify something is off. Check your pipes for signs of leakage in which case an aircon leak might have occurred. This occurs also due to valves being compromised and low gas levels.

Aircon Water Leak

If water is leaking there will be puddles around the unit or on the floor. This water accumulates around the compressor or small drops of water around the fan coils.

Irregularly Shutting Down

The unit might be shutting down unexpectedly for various reasons. For starters, the AC might be overheating due to compromised components. A unit that shuts off on its own is overworking and it could mean the compressor is clogged and dirty.

Flashing Lights

If warning lights appear, it is clear as day that something is wrong. Anytime the AC unit’s light blinks and stays blinking is a sign that you need immediate aircon repair or replacement. The reasons for the blinking light could be:

  • Overworked or defective compressor
  • Low gas levels
  • Circuitry problems
  • Filthy filters

Non-Running Compressor

Examine terminals as well as relays and the capacitor. If these are defective the compressor will not run. Additionally, such a problem requires immediate help from credible aircon servicing companies.


Once your unit develops irregular sounds it needs an immediate checkup. Loose belts or unoiled parts might be causing the mayhem. Having these checked to avoid further damage to your AC unit is important. 

Bad Odors

When circuits begin to burn there will be a distinct smell away from normal scents. Seeing as the AC unit is meant to produce clean air only, seek aircon repair services immediately. These smells arise due to burnt circuits or grimy ducts.

Upon learning the surefire signs and symptoms regarding needing an aircon repair specialist, understanding the fixes is important.

Fixing Known Aircon Issues

Handling these issues early is crucial to avoid future problems. The best aircon servicing companies will help resolve such matters especially if the unit has been operational for years. Here are some issues that might arise and the possible ways of resolving them.

Aircon Not Firing Up

If the unit will not turn over and there is no sound emanating from within, then there could be blown circuits. These could be linked to dead fuses too. These need to be reset or bought afresh.

Defective Thermostat

If there is a chance the thermostat is malfunctioning, have a handy aircon service agent take a look. Whether the readings are below recommended levels or the unit will not fire up at all, aircon repair services are needed.

Not Chilly Enough

The air conditioner might not be producing enough cold air as expected. This can be the result of low gas levels and other compromises. Additionally, the climate in the rooms might seem a tad humid. Adequate coolant levels moderate humidity in the air.

Warmer Units

If the condenser struggles to expend hot air the unit will become hotter than normal. Anytime the unit is compromised with excess debris and grime, the condenser struggles. A repair agent should be sought to perform an aircon chemical overhaul.

The abovementioned signs and symptoms should guide you accordingly. Furthermore, one needs to engage in aircon repair guides to troubleshoot these problems at home.

Handy Aircon Tips for the Household

Being a useful appliance to have in any home makes the AC unit a must-have and something worth maintaining. As these air conditioners get older, they may exhibit a few tell-tale signs of wear and tear. It is thus important to learn a few fixes in case you find yourself in a pickle. If for some reason problems recur or never cease, it becomes important to seek aircon repair services near you.

Clean the Unit

Perform regular cleaning to keep the AC in tip-top condition. This includes dusting or air-blowing the filters to remove dust. This can be done bimonthly. The pipes can be cleaned with a strongly recommended solution to get rid of grime and the like.

Manage the Thermostat

Be sure to switch to a new battery every so often. It is also recommended that the set temperature remains below room temperature.

Examine Compressor

This might have accumulated ice on it which needs thawing. Turn the unit off for some time to let the unit de-ice. Once that is done, you can fire it up again and continue using it regularly.

Aircon Water Leaking

If the unit is dripping water it is a sign that you need professional help. There are numerous reasons why an aircon might be leaking water and thus aircon repair might be necessary.

Duct Cleaning

These are normally quite light in construction and can be damaged easily. Cleaning them regularly to remove grime and debris is important. It also helps you examine if the ducts are cracked and need to be replaced.

Kinds of Aircon Repair

There are several aircon repair types depending on the particular problem. While most fixes can be done at DIY levels, as mentioned above, most will require experts to fully diagnose and fix problems. Check out the variations in aircon repair types below.

Aircon Leakage

These need professionals to diagnose and fix the problem. With an aircon leak, there could be multiple problems requiring repairs or replacements. If the machine has not been put under regular aircon servicing for a while, the chances of leakages are high.

Compressor Fixes

This component runs each time the air conditioner is operational. Circuitry and motor issues are bound to be witnessed. Incidentally, compressor fixes are not DIY projects and should be left to professionals.

New Motor

This fan motor goes through wear and tear like any other moving parts within the AC. This fan and other such parts need regular cleaning to remain effective.

Electronic Board Replacement

Creatures cause short circuits along with increases in amperes. Professional aircon servicing which includes a certified electrician is the way to go.

New Capacitor

Owners might experience blown-out fuses and issues of too much heat if a capacitor is blown. You might want to replace the capacitor if your system persistently shuts off.

New Thermistor

Get a new thermistor if the AC unit has a faulty one. Failure to replace this means the compressor will have issues powering up, or will not turn on at all.

Bottom Line

All the above-mentioned signs and repair tips are useful for home and office air conditioners. Though taking on these fixes can be an attractive challenge, it is better left to professionals. Consult a credited aircon repair service to avoid current issues becoming major problems in the future.


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