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While maintenance of an air conditioning unit may be overlooked from time to time, it is nonetheless very important. The repercussions of not servicing an air conditioning unit are not life-threatening. However, a well-maintained air conditioner provides cleaner and another reason to smile.

Labored breathing, sneezing, and outright stuffiness are symptoms of faulty AC units. As you seek professional and local aircon servicing in Singapore, be sure to seek the services of a renowned and legitimate company.

Contrary to what some may believe, aircon servicing cannot and should not be handled on amateurish levels. Remember that these are electrical appliances using large amounts of current. Any service or maintenance required should be carried out by professionals.

Be sure to undertake aircon servicing procedures sooner rather than later. Delayed maintenance means the AC unit is faulty and needs repairs or replacements. It means aircon servicing becomes useless at this point.

Benefits of Regular Aircon Servicing

Many homeowners are under belief that their air conditioners can stand the test of time. While many are built to last, there is still an impending need for regular maintenance. Operating air conditioners longer without scheduled maintenance increases costs.

Lowered Utility Bills

These costs are related to utility bills, irregular repairs, and unexpected fixes. Lowered electricity bills are the norm for homeowners with regularly serviced air conditioners. This is why aircon servicing should be carried out regularly. With proper servicing, the units won’t work harder to transform warmer air into cooler air. It is an important aspect of regular maintenance and a money-saving tip too.

More Efficiency

In addition to lowered operational costs, in the long run, you will also improve efficiency. A poorly maintained or serviced AC unit cannot perform optimally. Be sure to put the appliance through aircon servicing for spot checks too. It becomes much easier to identify potential issues moving forward.

Improve Air Quality

Once the unit gets cleaned regularly, there will be an improvement in air quality. Part of regularly scheduled aircon servicing involves cleaning out vents. These normally have dirt buildup which includes dust and debris. Improved air quality is priceless in a home with kids and pets or an office. To enjoy professional aircon servicing, be sure to check the credibility of the company you plan to use.

Knowing How Often to Perform Aircon Servicing

While there is no preset guideline or timeline on when an AC unit needs servicing, there are hints you might require service. With time, your unit picks up enough debris that it might clog up filters. Most homeowners remain confused as to when aircon servicing should be carried out. Air conditioning types vary and thus their scheduled maintenance times might vary too.

Recommended Servicing Periods for Various Aircons

Duct Aircon

Be sure to carry out maintenance on such units at least once a year. This includes cleaning out ceiling ventilation and grilles. These areas accumulate dust, and other debris from pets or during household cleaning. Cleaning these grilles and vents should be performed monthly, while scheduled checks could be done annually. Always seek professionals to carry out such servicing. It could mean the difference between regular servicing and having to replace an entire unit.

Split System Units

These require handy tools when it comes to checking and replacing the more intricate parts. However, vacuuming out dirt and remnants of stuff is easy, and so is removing the dirt with a handy cloth. Scheduling the more intricate procedures annually is advisable. Professionals can also perform spot checks for other aircon servicing issues lurking.

Cassette Air Conditioners

These units house indoor and outdoor components. Ideally, they should be cleaned out monthly like all other units. However, the intricate parts and components need a thorough inspection every year. This is to check for any wear and tear that needs immediate resolutions or will soon become a problem.

Advantages of Regularly Scheduled Inspections

Having regularly scheduled maintenance performed on home or office ad units saves money. It could mean a difference between regular amounts for aircon servicing, and heavier repairs or replacement costs.

  • Additionally, regular maintenance provides insight into possible future problems. You can find and fix regular problems before they become threatening.
  • Annual aircon servicing handles matters soonest, helping you avoid unnecessary costs. With busy offices or homes, it is advisable to clean out ducts and perform maintenance within shorter periods.
  • Checking units regularly helps you find damage that might be overlooked if maintenance is done annually. You avoid causing further damage to an already compromised ac unit.

Indications that a Unit Needs Aircon Servicing

Operating an air conditioner for months on end won’t necessarily create problems. They are meant to run for days on end without major issues. However, with time, any appliances experience wear and tear. This is why it is important to schedule regular aircon servicing. Here are a few surefire signs that your AC unit requires servicing.

Reduced Cooling

If at any time the air conditioner seems to be underperforming, it might be time to consult professionals. Seek a renowned aircon servicing technician and company to bring the unit back to efficiency. If rooms are staying warmer longer, professionals will advise on servicing requirements.

Unusual Sounds

Anytime the unit misbehaves there is a likelihood of damage, or increased wear and tear. If unusual noises can be heard, either loud creaking or slight banging, some parts might be loose. This can happen for several reasons. Of more importance is refraining from operating the air conditioner and seeking aircon servicing sooner rather than later.

Abruptly Turning Off

Most air conditioners will switch off when temperatures reach the desired or set levels. This is true unless the unit has a timer or sensor problem. However, if it begins turning on/off sporadically or at high temperatures, it is time for service. These are electrical issues revolving around fuses, breakers, and the like. They require professionals to diagnose and fix.

Larger Utility Bill

When electricity bills begin to skyrocket, something is off. If the air conditioner is malfunctioning or has become inefficient, it will inevitably create high electricity bills. Have a professional check for damaged parts, including circuitry to diagnose the problem.

Foul Smells

If your ac unit is producing or emitting foul smells, there could be stuff stuck inside. This could be anything from the leaked coolant to dead creatures and other debris. A faulty compressor could cause such smells too, although these would differ from smells of dead creatures. Not handling the matter immediately will undoubtedly cause more harm than good.

Why You Should Refrain from DIY Aircon Servicing

Aside from the reasons listed below, engaging in DIY aircon servicing can void warrants. If the unit is still new, any attempt to fix it without recommended technicians will spell trouble. Additionally, you might end up causing further damage to the unit. Other reasons you should avoid do-it-yourself projects include:


Tools required to fix air conditioners are not cheap. While they can be found at thrift stores, it makes economic sense to engage a professional. They will have these tools handy at no extra cost to you. Also, you might incur other miscellaneous costs that would be part of the professional’s package.


Professionals have years of experience fixing such appliances. With that being said, they can easily and effectively diagnose the problem, whereas you might not. It also means they will possibly save you the cost of a misdiagnosis.


Opening any electrical appliance is dangerous without the know-how. This is true even for a toaster. On that note, a larger and more complicated unit like an air conditioner needs professionals. Opening one yourself could lead to undue damage and worse-case scenarios like injuries. To eliminate chances of further damage to the AC and possible injury, seek professionals.

Wasted Resources

Along with wasting money while misdiagnosing, one can waste time trying to figure out the problem. This is cool when dealing with smaller items. It offers insight into how-to projects. However, an air conditioner is larger and more intricate. Time wasted figuring out problems could be better spent elsewhere.

Common Mistakes Centering on Aircon Servicing

Sporadic Maintenance Programs

Having a schedule for maintenance and service is important. It helps you avoid unseen damages to long periods without servicing. Not doing so leads to higher servicing costs and possible replacements.

Using Unregistered Agencies

Seek the help of a licensed and renowned aircon servicing agent. This will save you unnecessary headaches when you discover they are not knowledgeable in servicing air conditioners.

Using Uninsured Agencies

Agents with no insurance are a liability, and that goes without saying. If the unit is damaged during diagnosis or servicing, they won’t be held liable, or won’t be able to pay.

Ideally, one should perform due diligence before hiring any aircon servicing agent. This involves researching if the agent is insured and of course, if they are licensed.


Aircon servicing is tantamount to clean air and a healthier environment. Avoiding DIY projects revolving around your ac unit is crucial too. Focus on researching any company you wish to engage in beforehand. This will save you plenty of headaches moving forward, including the possibility of replacements.


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