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We Are Licensed Aircon Company in Singapore. Registration No : 201914766D


A. An Overview of Our Air Con Repair Services

We also sell and offer installation services of our air cons to commercial clients as well as those in residential areas. The quality of our service we offer lies in the fact that we have been doing all the above for several years now. Also because we have contracts which clearly state the details of our professional and timely air con services. It is very important to understand that our air cons are designed to be serviced at least once every six months. This means continuously using them past this time makes them vulnerable to succumbing to icing or other common damages. In case you are looking for quality air cons and you are interested in professional services and discounts then you should seriously consider checking us out as we are certain you stand to benefit a lot by choosing to use our air cons bearing in mind the fact that we carter for all our clients without any form of discrimination.

B. Details of Air con Replacements

At Airconboy Engineering we are also focused on making air con replacements. This includes simple carrying out partial replacements of parts to complete system overhauls. All this is possible because we have advanced tools, equipment and skilled man power needed to effectively carry out such processes. Our replacements services deal with different types of damages e.G. Water leaking among other problems air conditioners experience most. Our main goal when making air con replacements is usually to make sure that you [the client or customer] if finally able to once a gain enjoy staying in an improved environment with cool air coming off a fully functional air conditioning unit.

In case leaking air has been troubling you, worry no more, simply contact us or simply visit out offices in person to explain to us the nature of the problems you are experiencing with you're A/C. Once we have a clear under standing of you problems, our next course of action includes either:

I. Repairing, replacing spare parts and guiding you on proper maintenance of the system once it is fully functional once again.
ii. Explaining maintenance contracts and details of servicing to you in case you're A/C is irreparable and we advise you to buy a new air conditioner.

C. Details of our yearly contract

It simply serves the same purpose as the contract that you get for general maintenance only difference being that normal maintenance services are carried out at least three or four times every year. The best thing about this contract is the fact that it also features:

I. Cleaning of the air filter, evaporator coils and condenser coils
ii. The flushing of drainage pipes.
iii. Lubrication of the equipment's parts whenever need arises.
iv. Periodic testing of the system for quality performance
v. Provision of better services at affordable rates consequently allowing you to save
vi. Air purification.
vii. Water leaking repairs and sorting out of all noise issues.
viii. Routine inspection of the system's fan belt as well as adjusting of the tension properly.
ix. Adjustment of electrical controls accordingly including the cleaning of electrical contacts as well.

D. Chemical cleaning services

Our chemical cleaning services include:

I. Carrying out air chemicals washes for the air cons including parts.
ii. Dismantling of the fan's coils whenever need arises.
iii. Drainage pipes flushing.
iv. Cleaning of blower wheels and fan blades.
v. Testing of electrical parts as well as giving the system a test run
vi. Ensuring air purification
vii. Dealing with noise issues


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