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Aircon Chemical Overhaul Versus Chemical Wash – Which is Better?

Keeping your aircon performing optimally is important. It is also made possible with an intense cleaning procedure involving chemicals. The recommended procedure is known as an aircon chemical overhaul. However, some owners opt for a chemical wash. While they both get the unit clean, a chemical overhaul is recommended because it is thorough.

After seeking the help of professionals, a chemical overhaul involves uncoupling and disassembling the unit. The process entails examining parts for any defects and replacing them or repairing them if necessary. Thus, an aircon chemical overhaul facilitates a longer lifespan for the unit, and less noise and leakages. It also handles matters of foul smells and leakages.

What is an Aircon Chemical Wash and What Reasons Not to Choose It?

For starters, this form of cleaning will not involve the dismantling of components. Secondly, these procedures should be carried out by professionals boasting the right tools and expertise. This cleanse ensures that dirt from regular usage of the unit gets flushed out.

Aircon Chemical Wash

This process mainly focuses on aircon found in business centers and offices. The chemical wash involves cleaning panels and cleaning out or replacing filters. This gets rid of dirt, scrap grime, and more filth that might be lodged in the unit. While chemicals are used in the process, water is also applied to major parts of the aircon. Performing an aircon chemical wash saves money in the short, and long run. It prevents damage to the unit’s components and fewer repairs in the future.

Here are the steps taken during a chemical wash:

  1. The panel at the front, as well as filters and covers, are dusted and brushed to remove scrap.
  2. Spraying is carried out on internal parts to remove grime, dirt, mold, and other such stuff that accumulates internally.
  3. Next is a high-pressure wash with water to clean these components.
  4. Foul smells are removed using fresheners and the air is purified.
  5. The drainage system is vacuumed out.
  6. A test run is performed to ensure the unit is performing okay.

Why is an Aircon Chemical Wash Not Recommended

Most people opt for this procedure, particularly in business premises and offices. This is a popular choice when the unit breaks down and is performing inadequately. As highlighted above, an aircon chemical wash doesn’t involve the removal of intricate parts. It means even though the chemical wash will blow out dirt, it won’t thoroughly clean the unit. No parts are removed or dismantled during this regular wash. Grime and mold don’t come off as easily. Parts are not removed to be checked for defectiveness. Thus it requires thorough cleaning similar to a chemical overhaul.

Why Might an Aircon Chemical Wash be Considered Inadequate?

When the unit begins to perform less adequately, these may be signs that you need a chemical cleaning. It also might be an indicator of a needed chemical wash if utility bills and leakages are visible. The wash can be quite pricey too yet it may not solve all the unit’s problems. Most of the chemical wash involves spraying parts with chemicals and water to remove grime for instance. It does not, however, involve the uncoupling of major components.

On that note, the aircon chemical overhaul involves the dismantling of the unit and possible removal from a wall. This facilitates the removal of sticky dirt including grime and mold sitting on hidden parts. This debris and dirt can only be reached if one performs an overhaul. Thus, choosing to go with an aircon chemical overhaul rather than an aircon chemical wash gives the unit a brand-new feel and cleaner air for the owners.

Choosing an Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Choosing an aircon chemical overhaul over a wash gets your unit thoroughly cleaned. Components will be removed and the entire unit dismantled for the most part. Filters are cleaned out too while fans and coils, joints, and other intricate parts are flushed.

Moreover, an aircon chemical overhaul ensures that defective parts are examined, repaired, or replaced to prevent future damage. Lastly, this form of cleaning requires that refrigerant gasses be topped off. It is the perfect maintenance step for any unit that has not been serviced in a while.

The Contrast Between an Aircon Chemical Overhaul and Wash

Depending on the usage and age of your aircon, one option might work better than the other. However, all units in offices or homes need to be cleaned regularly. This cleaning might involve an aircon chemical wash or overhaul. The differences between the two are covered herein and are worth noting.

Aircon Chemical Wash

A chemical wash can be thorough if performed professionally. This entails the use of chemicals to wash specific areas of your unit. These parts include condensers, compressors coils, and of course fans. The chemicals wash out grime, dirt particles, and other messes that might clog up the unit. The aircon chemical wash procedure is meant to provide longevity to most parts of the unit.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Anytime an aircon exhibits signs of leakage it is advisable to perform an aircon chemical overhaul. Aside from the fact that chemicals are applied, the process involves a thorough cleaning of the internal parts. This process also involves examining components for failure or defects. In turn, these parts will be repaired or replaced, providing added lifespan to the unit. Once parts are replaced or repaired, the aircon will be tested to check for peak performance.

Comparatively, the aircon chemical overhaul is a tad more expensive, and justifiably so. The process is more intricate, requiring that parts be removed for better inspection. It also takes longer and guarantees that defective components are repaired or replaced.

Why an Aircon Chemical Overhaul Will Suffice

An aircon chemical overhaul implies better and more intense cleaning. It means the entire unit or major parts, will be dismantled, examined for failures or defects, and fixed accordingly. It also means parts like fan motors, blowers, and drain pipes get to be vacuumed and cleaned with high pressure. Additionally, an aircon chemical overhaul ensures that defective parts are noted earlier and replaced accordingly.

This handles future unnecessary expenses due to a unit breaking down. Lastly, this overhauling procedure is a countermeasure against water leakages and possible situations of the aircon not cooling. Incidentally, unusual sounds and smells will be eliminated too.

5 Pros of an Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Fresh Air

This procedure removes all manner of dirt, grime, remnants, and debris from the inside of the unit. It leaves vents clean offering cleaner air.

Provides Longevity

An aircon chemical overhaul involves the removal and examination of interior parts. Once these are cleared for use, the unit is given a clean bill of health and will last longer.


Grime and other buildups on an aircon eventually decrease the unit’s efficiency. With the overhaul, the owner will experience higher efficiency with lower electricity bills too.

Odor Removal

A thorough cleaning removes mold, grime, and remnants of dead creatures too. Aside from creatures, other leakages can leave foul smells. A thorough cleaning helps remove such smells leaving the office conducive.


A thorough cleaning maintains adequate temperatures all around. It means components will not freeze unexpectedly. Evaporator coils freezing for long periods can cause additional damage, and become costly.

What Does an Aircon Chemical Overhaul Entail?

Similar to a chemical wash the overhaul involves cleaning interior parts. However, this overhaul procedure delves deeper and does more than remove debris.

  1. the First step is to shut down the unit, unplug it and disconnect or shut down the gas.
  2. Inspection of major components follows along with uncoupling and disassembling the motors, coils, blowers, and pans.
  3. Next, these dismantled parts are chemically cleaned and flushed with high-pressure water. This removes grime as necessary.
  4. Upon completion of this cleaning process, faulty components are repaired.
  5. Specific components with bearings are lubricated to reduce friction and loud noises.
  6. Examination of the thermostat is done to check for performance.
  7. Once reassembling of all removed parts is complete the unit will be tested to ensure optimum performance.

Reasons You Should Lease an Aircon Chemical Overhaul Expert

Hiring professionals helps you avoid future damages that could be costly. This overhaul handles the most intricate cleaning requirements and is a cut above the normal chemical wash. The differences and advantages of the overhaul are listed above and should be considered over the regular wash. The aircon chemical overhaul gets all parts of the aircon intensely cleaned and parts are examined too. Fixing and replacing parts today saves you plenty of resources in the future, including time.

There are affordable aircon chemical overhaul services worldwide, offering thorough cleaning wherever you are. It is better to hire a professional than engage in a DIY project. Saving money by engaging in a DIY project is only for the short term. The expenses saved might be spent later to fix and replace parts, or indeed to buy new units. An aircon chemical overhaul takes a little longer but the results are well worth it.


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