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Summertime is the worst period to not have a working AC unit. When an air conditioner at the office or home refuses to produce cold air as normal, it becomes infuriating. Finding out why your aircon is not cold and knowing how to go about repairing it becomes crucial. Keeping the air breathable and the atmosphere comfortable is tantamount to a healthier you.

Aircon Not Cold – Causes

There are several reasons your aircon might not be cooling as expected. While some might be minor issues, there could be grander problems needing expert repairs. If you feel uneasy fixing these problems alone then seeking an aircon servicing agent should top your list.

Inadequate Cooling Gas

With lower levels of aircon gas, the unit will not cool hot air as effectively. At this juncture, one requires an aircon gas top to return the levels and unit to optimum performance.


If the air filter is compromised then less air passes through it. This, in turn, causes the aircon not cold problem. Filters get clogged with dead creatures, debris from all manner of dirt, and grime buildup.

Condenser Coils

If there is enough build-up like grime and scrap on your coils it inevitably causes the aircon not cold situation. These condenser coils work efficiently with less condensation meaning fewer water puddles.


When an evaporator gets blocked due to freezing, less air is circulated within the air conditioner. This happens with irregular cleaning of the AC unit. It however is nothing to fret about as an aircon chemical overhaul is more than enough to resolve the issue.

Coolant Leakage

When pipes are compromised they release gases that should remain internal. This leakage constitutes an emergency and should be handled as such. Contact aircon servicing companies near you for immediate support.

Thermostat Failure

It goes without saying that if your thermostat is faulty, you cannot adjust temperatures. Ergo, it becomes impossible or difficult to set temperatures. Thus, an aircon not cooling could be the result of several factors.

Capacitor Issues

This ideally gets the compressor up and running and if compromised, it will fire up the compressor. It means if your aircon is not cooling, chances are the compressor never turned over.

Faulty Ducts

If ducts are clogged or experiencing blockage of any sort, then clean and free-flowing air won’t be felt. It requires maintenance like cleaning and dusting to get them unblocked.

Damaged Circuit board

If the circuit board is damaged or faulty it won’t transmit well or communicate optimally with the thermistor.

Faulty Compressor

A compromised compressor performs inadequately and thus the condenser will underperform.

Fan Motor

If this is cracked due to wear and tear or aging, it will not provide any cool air due to such damage.

Frozen Condensers

A frozen unit such as this will only emit warm and not cold air. It requires expert aircon servicing to fix the problem.

Incorrect Machines

Perhaps you bought the wrong type or size of the unit hence it is not meeting cooling requirements.

Resolving Aircon Not Cooling Issues

If the components within the unit seem intact yet the aircon not cooling continues, there are some remedies. Be sure to engage a professional to avoid further damage.

Examine the Thermostat

Check the thermostat and verify if it is functioning properly. Chances are it is not adjusting temperatures accordingly.

Circuit Breakers

When shot circuits occur the breakers might shut down and the unit cannot power up. This is an issue requiring professional rewiring.

Dust Filters

Vacuum the air filters or wipe them down to reduce dirt buildup. Cleaning this part ensures clean flowing air with less residue and helps avoid aircon leakages.

Accumulated Ice

Remove any large amounts of ice to prevent the unit from further damage. This should be the work of a professional as damaged belts might need replacing.

Evading Aircon Not Cold Problems

Aircon makers state that their products can stand the test of time. Practicing certain protocols ensures a longer lifespan of your unit.

  • Be sure to engage specialists to perform maintenance annually.
  • Examine the unit monthly, checking for defective parts and other discrepancies.

Bottom Line

The above mentioned DIY steps can be applied if you wish to go it alone. If it feels overwhelming, seek the help of a professional aircon service agent. They can diagnose aircon water leaking problems and advise accordingly.


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